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Retro Antique Inspired Tiles
Retro Antique Inspired Tiles
A wide selection of authentic
Moroccan, Mexican, Portuguese, Spanish, Mediterranean, Italian, Middle Eastern, French and Antique inspired decorative and floor tiles as well as other unique products.
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Historical ceramic plates
Beautifully handcrafted ceramic and copper sinks and vessels from around the globe.
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Antique outdoor staircase
Stair Risers
Make your indoor or outdoor staircase a magnificent work of art.
Moroccan encaustic tiles
Encaustic (pressed cement) tiles
Beautiful matt finished handmade tiles using historic French technology for walls or floor.
Exotic Tiles Murals
Inspirational murals from around the globe - Portugal, the Middle East and Mexico.

Old World Tiles

Old World Tiles is a unique business and our team is passionate about authentic products we have sourced from around the Globe and Australia. Our wide selection of tiles, sinks and other beautiful products are from Morocco, Mexico, Portugal, Italian, the Middle East and more. Our focus is on organic, handmade and hand painted where Centuries-old designs emanate from some of the world's most culturally exciting countries such as Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy, Mexico and the Middle East.

Designer Products Globally Sourced

Our team is continually searching for ethically sourced new and exciting products from around the world to bring to the Australian market. Our products are organic and we are passionate about bringing new and different creations to our customers. We capture the rich colours and history of the old worlds of Morocco, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, France, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and beyond through our unique products and design. Come on an exciting cultural journey with Old World Tiles.

Testimonials from Clients

Our clients praise us for our personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery.

Australian Designer

As part of our commitment to Australian made, we provide an Australian range of tiles produced by Southern Cross Ceramics. This is a high-quality decorative range of tiles. These beautiful tiles are available in many different ranges and colours and they are created in ceramic, glass and stone and for use on walls, floors and for features and splash backs. Take a look, you will be delighted!