Estrella Sun

Estrella Sun
Item Number: 8109
Background: Mexican White
Colour: Blue, Green, Teracotta, Amarillo Yellow
Size: 110.0 mm x 110.0 mm
Height: 6.4 mm
Weight: 200.00 g
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$9.95 Plus GST

The Estrella Sun tile is very versatile. This tile has a distinct Morrocan "feel" which is why it is a popular choice for Moroccan interiors and exteriors. These tiles also are right at home in Mexican inspired interiors and can turn an ordinary bathroom into something amazing. Additionally, Old World Tiles recommends the Estrella Sun handmade ceramic tiles for use in mixed sets as they are a powerful anchor tile.


As each tile is individually made, dimensions may vary slightly. Dimensions can range from 105mm to 110mm.