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Ceramic Tiles and Why they are all you Need.

Posted On: 27-05-2014


Whether you’re a fan of ceramic tiles or not, you’re about to be. From kitchen to bathroom there is no limit to the ways in which you can utilise tile in any space- including your backyard. Created the traditional way, our tiles are handmade and hand painted so each ceramic piece is individual and unique. You couldn’t ask for much more than that for your home.  We have put together a list of all the wonderful reasons you should consider ceramic tiles for your home.

Their Strength

Ceramic tiles are strong. It is this strength that makes them long lasting and difficult to damage. This makes them an attractive option for the kitchen, which is arguably the busiest place in any home.  Good news here is that ceramic tiles are known for their ability to repel stains, dirt and even those nasty kitchen smells.


Moisture Protection

Old World tiles are glazed and this makes them the best choice for areas that are prone to get splashed - bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas.  The secret is in the glaze, it creates its own protection which allows little to no moisture build-up. Wullah.


Scratch and Scrape Resistant

Due to the density and glaze on ceramic tiles, they are unlikely to suffer scratches and chips if laid properly.  


Unique Patterns, Textures and Colours

At Old World Tiles we have this topic covered. Unique patterns, textures and colours is what we are all about!  Have a look at our Classics Range – there is bound to be a tile just right for you!  



Our ceramic tiles are adaptable in any part of the home. Whether you are thinking of using them in one room, or thinking about carrying the theme throughout your home, the adaptability of ceramic tiles is what makes them so popular.


Now that you have read and weighed up the benefits, you can take some time and explore our vast selection of ceramic tile options and choose the ones that are perfect for your small project or your big project. Our hand painted and handmade ceramic tiles will bring your home together before you can say, “Old World Tiles”.


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