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Encaustic Tiles

Posted On: 31-08-2016

At Old World Tiles, we are excited about our new range of Encaustic Tiles. 

Each tile is handmade and is a work of art.  Together, they form a masterpiece. 

Some of our customers ask about the origins of these tiles and this is an interesting question.  

The Tiles available at Old World Tiles originate from The Mediterranean countries and have been used for hundreds of years in homes and shops around the world.

The different colours that form the pattern are made from natural materials and even when they are laid today, give the appearance of having a deep history.  

Did you know that you can use these tiles on floors and walls as features and even as features on bars.   
Old World Tiles is pleased to announce that we are able to customize these beautiful tiles for you.  We can work with you to achieve the perfect result in terms of pattern and colours.  Please visit our easy to use website Old World Tiles to see what we have to compliment your beautiful home, shop or restaurant. 
Encaustic Tiles Encaustic Tiles Encaustic Tiles

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