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Getting Tactile with Textured Tiles

Posted On: 12-05-2015

Creating a beautiful focal point in your home is not always achieved solely with the addition of colour.   Tactile interior styling is a creative way to transform tired interiors and develop diversity within the home.   Old World Tiles has taken the next step in recognised design by releasing a Signature Collection of decorative high relief tiles, commonly referred to as textured tiles.  The collection artfully combines soft contemporary tones with the enticing addition of patterned texture.

Capturing both traditional and timeless qualities the NEW collection embodies a timeless aesthetic with embossed tiles available in four different colours across two designs.   Add either softness with the patterned floral design in ‘petals’ or structure with the clean lines of the ‘square’ design.   These subtle, light reflecting designs will make a powerful statement in any commercial or residential space.

Texture is not an element of design that you want to overlook or underestimate and relief tiles are just one of the many ways to keep styling modern.    Adding interest, contrast and dimension in your dwelling can also be achieved through textiles, throws and even indoor plants.   Whether it’s a fiddle leaf fig, woven rug or textured tiles make sure you add some tempting texture in your next project.  To view our full collection of Signature Relief Tiles, visit

Getting Tactile with Textured Tiles

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Linda | 12-05-2015

I was just placing an order for the green square tiles from your Signature range and your new blog post appeared! This is exactly what I'm doing in my kitchen - adding texture. So timely.
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