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May Sale!

Posted On: 08-05-2014

It’s that time again! Winter is upon us and so too are the heart stopping sales. Old World Tiles has an amazing range of tiles up for grabs at prices that won’t last. Our May Sale is featuring some of our most popular tile ranges. Including the Isabela, Azul, Arabesque and a variety of our Mixed Sets.

Our very popular Aqua Blue Arabesque tile is a stunning addition to any home. If you have a look at the traditional kitchen below, you can see the Aqua Blue Arabesque tiles really taking the design to a place where your house guests will stop in their tracks.



Petals Azul is a subtle and versatile tile. It is commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. This designer tile has many uses in your home, it is timeless and charming and suits most architectural styles.


Another one of our May Sale items is the Isabela tile. It is beautifully hand painted using the characteristics, colours and style elements of the Mediterranean. This decorative tile is beautiful near water where the blues and green come leap out as a feature. In particular, you will notice the Isabela is a perfect choice for outdoors on fountains, benches and staircases because the colours blend harmoniously with nature.




Not ready to renovate your bathroom or kitchen just yet, but are ready for a DIY mosaic project? We have a little something for you too. Have a look at our mixed sets ready for your designer eye. The broken tile packs are a mix of broken tiles, whole tiles, trims, colours, designs & solids. We can not hand select specific colours, tile ranges or tile designs, so it is a bit of a surprise. But who doesn’t love surprises?



Our website now has all of our SALE items ready for you to take advantage of. Have a look, remember sale prices are only available for a limited time and whilst stock lasts. So get in quick!


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Posted On: 30-04-2014
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