Small Valentina Copper Vessel

Item Number: SVAL


Colour: Natural Red Finish

Size: 310.0 mm x 310.0 mm

Height: 130.0 mm

Weight: 10.00 kg

Delivery: In Stock

Price: $389.00
Plus GST

Drain fitting required (not included): 38mm standard      Actual weight - 1.8 kilos

Copper is a metal that “ages” and changes over time. Our sinks will not look the same in five years as they do today - they will look even more beautiful! The copper will oxidate and various colour patches will result. Most notably, our sinks will develop dark areas and a green patina – the sought after classic green finish. A wax can be applied to keep the sink from aging.

These measurements are approximates only. Because our sinks and vessels are handmade, there will be variances. Always wait for your sink or vessel to arrive before making structural decisions, cuts, etc. Our Sinks and vessels do not include waste or drain fittings.  Australia Post shipping fees are based on actual weight or cubic weight (large package with relatively light product) - whichever is greater. For postage on vessels, the cubic weight measurement is 10kg and this is used for calculating postage. Actual weight is 1.8 kg.  For a detailed explanantion of how Australia Post calculates postage, please click on the link.  Size & Weight Guidelines.