Autumn Boot Tray

Item Number: BT100


Colour: Natural Golden Copper Finish

Size: 860.0 mm x 360.0 mm

Height: 70.0 mm

Weight: 12.00 kg

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Price: $59.00
Plus GST


*Actual weight is approximately 2 kilos.  

Introducing our copper-finished, galvanized steel, boot trays.  Boot trays are ideal for organising all those wayward shoes and keeping the dirt and mess at the door instead of throughout your home.  Also great used as a tray for pet bowls, house plants and umbrellas – collects and holds all the spills and looks great doing it!

The Autumn Boot Tray finish has an aged copper look. The golden copper is not clear but has darkened smudges and marks designed to replicate aged copper. 

Australia Post shipping fees are based on actual weight or cubic weight (large package with relatively light product) - whichever is greater. For postage on boot trays, the cubic weight measurement is 12kg and this is used for calculating postage. For a detailed explanantion of how Australia Post calculates postage, please click on the link.  Size & Weight Guidelines