Fish Scale Tiles

Our FISH SCALE tiles are pieces of art and only the mermaids in Portugal know the secrets of making the wonderous blue and aqua colours in this product. Each tiles is individually handmade and painted and they can be used to create beauty in wet areas or dry areas.  


  • Use as features inside and outside
  • Great for use in showers, bathrooms, hallways, family rooms, swimming pool areas, fountains and more
  • Use as a water feature
  • Great by the beach
  • Creates the feeling of life and water in a home
  • Perfect for use as a design piece in 1 colour or as a mix of 4 different colours   
  • Size approx 12.5cm across and 11.5cm down. 
  • Price per tile: $9.95 + GST
  • Price per sqm $569 + GST
  • Delivery time: most orders delivered within 1 - 7 days  
  • 134 tiles / square metre


All tiles are in stock and available for immediate delivery.