Mixed Set Sunshine

Item Number: MSS


Colour: Multi

Size: 110.0 mm x 110.0 mm

Height: 6.4 mm

Weight: 1.80 kg

Delivery: In Stock

Price: $53.55
Plus GST

Please note - Each tile of the Mixed Set Sunshine is slightly larger and chunkier than our other Classic tile range by about 3mm to 4mm. We don't recommend mixing the Mixed Set Sunshine tiles with our other tiles due to the difference in size.

Each Mixed Set 1 contains the following nine 110mm x 110mm tiles:
1 x Heritage (8135), 1 x Louis Sunshine (8111), 1 x Ernesto II (8130),
1 Estrella Sun (8109), 1 x Fransisco Sun II (8136), 1 x Moroccan Blue II (8143),
1 x Grace II (8133), 1 x Sunny Armand (8110), 1 x Flor II Sunshine (8141)

Minimum purchase of 2 sets of 9 tiles.

You can also subsitute one tile and add in a Amarillo for a pop of sunshine!