About Us

Old World Tiles is a boutique business and the team is passionate about its authentic products. Our ClassicTalavera Ceramic Tiles, composed of clay from Mexican soil, dried in the sun, twice kiln fired, glazed and hand-painted, capture the rich colours and history of Latin America. Centuries-old designs emanating from some of the world's most culturally exciting countries such as Spain, Portugal and Morocco are hand-painted by artisans. 

Our tile collection from all over the world has been carefully chosen for the Australian market. A blending of rich colours and patterned designs can deliver warmth and character to your home wherever you live. The colour palette enables you to make a dramatic statement, connect with nature or simply create an inviting atmosphere with your own personal style.

Old World Tiles proudly pays homage to the traditional values of Moroccan, Spanish, Mediterranean, Portuguese and Latin American culture. Each unique tile has a subtle difference which is characteristic of this hand-crafted, ancient art form. All of our tiles are closely inspected and our artisan suppliers do not deal in seconds, off-cuts or chipped tiles. Our tiles are authentic products - handmade and hand painted.

The Classics

This design range is comprised of the most timeless Spanish, Mexican, Moroccan & Mediterranean tile designs dating back many centuries. Whether you want a subdued romantic fireplace surround or a lively kitchen backsplash that exudes fiesta fun, this range has your tile.

Arabesque Lantern Tiles

Handcrafted, traditional tiles that recreate the classic lantern shape using our time-honoured techniques. With these unique tiles, it is the shape that catches the eye! 

Moroccan Inspired Designs

These tiles have been selected from our Classics ranges because they can be used to obtain a Moroccan design. The patterns, strength and colours of these tiles are ideal for Moroccan interiors.

Antique Inspired Designs

These tiles have been selected from our other ranges because they have an antique presence and quality about them. As with all of our tiles, they are handmade and hand painted and their characteristics mirror those found in authentic antique tiles.

The Solids

This design range offers a variety of solid coloured tiles to complete your project. These tiles are also handmade and hand painted.

Mixed Sets

Our famous Mixed Sets!  Combinations of tiles are showcased for the designer who wants to have fun and create a random design. The sets are creative and inspiring and may tempt you to create your own mixed set. Use Old World Tiles' App on our home page "Create your Own" to digitally craft your own mixed set!

Old World Tiles specialises in Spanish, Mediterranean, Latin American and Portuguese decorative tiles.  All of our beautiful tiles are handmade and hand painted and feature centuries old designs originating from some of the world’s most culturally rich and colourful places like Spain, Portugual, Morocco, Mexico & the rest of Latin America. We have tiles known as Talavera ceramics, Azulejos and more.  Talavera ceramics date back to 15th century Spain.  At the time, the Spanish used clay and fire to make ceramics and then hand painted each piece with designs derived from their cultural influences --  Italy, Portugual, Morocco and Asia.  The Spanish then introduced the art form to Mexico where today Talavera artisans are still creating beautiful handmade and hand painted tiles which showcase the exquisite designs of centuries past and lands far away.

What makes our tiles so beautiful and captivating is the fact that each tile has very subtle differences due to the handmade processes.  The tiles are naturally rustic in appearance which gives off a warm and inviting feeling.  Each tile has a unique charm which machine-made tiles can not replicate.

We have selected designs that stay true to the rich history of Talavera ceramics.  Whether you are looking for tiles with a distinct Spanish, Mediterranean, Moroccan or Mexican style or perhaps want to have fun creating your own unique pattern using a mix of tiles – Old World has the handcrafted tiles for your needs.  Use them in and around your home to add beautiful colour and style.