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About Us

Old World Tiles is a unique business in a niche market which showcases authentic products from around the world. We are Australian owned, based in Brisbane and deliver all around Australia and beyond.

Our customers, both retail and wholesale, are able to buy our products directly via our on-line store, by emailing, calling us or by arranging an appointment.  We also have list of retailers around the country who sell our tiles.

We have carefully chosen our tile collection from all over the world for the Australian market and are continually updating our offerings. A blending of rich colours, patterned designs and textures can deliver warmth and character to your home wherever you live. The colour palette enables you to make a dramatic statement, connect with nature or simply create an inviting atmosphere with your own personal style. 

Old World Tiles proudly pays homage to the traditional values of Moroccan, Spanish, Mediterranean, Portuguese, Latin American, Italian, Middle Eastern and French culture. Each unique tile has a subtle difference which is characteristic of a hand-crafted, ancient art form. All of our tiles are closely inspected and our artisan suppliers do not deal in seconds, off-cuts or chipped tiles. Our tiles are authentic products - handmade and hand painted. 

As well as our handmade and handpainted tiles, we have found other beautiful products like bathroom sinks and more to add to our collection. 

Look at our beautiful Australian collection of tiles which are not handmade, though are unique because they are made in Australia.