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Saltillo Tiles

Rich in heritage and colour, our Saltillo tiles are authentic, handmade, cave-fired clay floor tiles. Just like our Classics Range, each Saltillo tile is handmade and slightly different to the next. The colours are varied through each tile - buff to peach, blond and ecru. The clay used is always clean, the finish always magical and timeless. 

We are in Brisbane and can send these anywhere in Australia. The Saltillo tiles are handmade and handfired in Mexico, being a spanish / mexican product that is very traditional.  They should be sealed and then can last for almost ever. 
Currently in stock, we have the large square 31 x 31. (We also have some smaller rectangular tiles that are 22 x 10). The cost is 200 + GST / SQM.
The saltillo tiles come in the following sizes:
Square - 5x5, 13 x 13, 24 x 24, 30x30cm, square bull nose tile 30x30cm 
Rectangle (or subway shape) - 22x10cm
Picket - 30 x 9cm
Octagon - 30x30cm
lantern - 30 x 20cm
Stair Treads in 30 x 30 and 40x40cm 

Please contact us directly for further information or if you would like a quotation for supply and delivery of the our Saltillo clay floor tiles. Simply fill out our  Contact Page and we will get in touch with you.



Various shapes & sizes available.  Please contact us for a quotation.  Contact Form  Lantern  Classic  Hexagon  Picket   Octogon, rectangle, Squares in several sizes & special orde..
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