Tree of Life Mural

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Background: White

Colour: Multi

Size: 300.0 mm x 300.0 mm

Height: 0.0 mm

Weight: 0.00 g

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Price: $1,380.00
Plus GST

There are several versions as to why this beautiful mosaic is called the Tree of Life. The most well known version is that while the gazelle on the right is being attacked by the lion, the gazelles on the left are calmly eating the leaves of the Tree. Translated into the fact that… while people suffer the rest continue with their lives.

The Tree of Life Mural is able to be made larger by using additional decorative tiles or borders from the same supplier or can be designed to be a larger mural (price on application). The actual mural consist of 16 tiles, 4 across and 4 down and is 600mm x 600mm. With a border as shown in the first image, the size of the mural would be 750mm x 750mm and is highly recommended to do justice too and frame this beautiful image.  Each tile is 150x150mm in size and is suitable for wet and dry areas.

Cost for this mural is approximately $1380 + GST + Shipping from Brisbane.

We can arrange delivery from Brisbane to your location. We do not currently have the mural in stock, but can get it within approximately one to two weeks.